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Please take a look at a new and abstract way to write simple to complex control applications using our Flagship product ScpiStudio.

This software product can be utilized in the semiconductor, biotechnical, automation, and data acquisition communities, as well as many others.

ScpiStudio can also be used as a rapid prototyping tool (RPT) on the designer test bench.  ScpiStudio  can run automated tests on componets, subsystems, and complete hardware prototytpes.  It is expecially easy to setup tests that run from hrs to weeks.


ScpiStudio (pronounced Skippy Studio)

Please use the left and right arrows to scroll accordingly!

The below picture is a screen capture of ScpiStudio in action. 
ScpiStudio has the unique ability to show in real-time (if selected in the TRACEMODE setting), messages to display (upr left list view), test program sequencing (upr right dataView), Waveform graphing (lwr left waveForm Graph) of parameter(s) and OScope and others waveForms, and data logging (lwr right dataView).

The upper section of the Development Suite Application concerns itself with configuration of the test such as test program name, operator name, binning, control table selection, tracemode, time stamping, start, end, and elapsed test times, leasing days left, among others.

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Just Doodl'n: an interesting cartoonish information video of ScpiStudio