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What is ScpiStudio?

I would like to introduce ScpiStudio to you, as I expect it will soon go “VIRAL” at an test engineer near you.

ScpiStudio is an easy to use script (text) driven engineering software product to perform process control in the semiconductor Automatic Test Engineering (ATE), biotech (process control), electronic industries and other technical industries which have a need to perform data acquisition.

Why use ScpiStudio?

ScpiStudio is an inexpensive and robust process control application development suite.

It is truly easy to develop powerful data acquisition and process control applications using the scripting command set (which is similar to developing a python application).

ScpiStudio contains the intelligence to communicate with and interrogate external test equipment and other peripherals using industry standard I/O API (application programming interface) via VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) and data log the measured results.

Where and how would I use ScpiStudio?

ScpiStudio, for example, can be used in congruence with the two major process control, data acquisition, and ATE (Automatic Test Engineering) products known as BenchVue™ from Keysight Technologies and TestStand™ from National Instruments, Inc.


ScpiStudio can be used as a stand-alone application to facilitate the same type of sequencing of process control, data acquisition, and ATE as those immediately mentioned above.

How is ScpiStudio organized?

ScpiStudio utilizes a client/server architecture. The client aspects of the application provides the GUI and is used to select the test configuration and other paramaters.  The server side of the operation is contained in a background thread, which acts as an ATE (automatic UUT (unit under test) test program) or process control engine, and is used to sequence through the table, which contains simple to complex control and data acquisition commands.  The server thread, via the sequenced commands, interrogates peripherals, controls program execution, branches on test results, and data logs accordingly, and when finished returns control back to the client application.  All this is accomplished using the database test program and IPCControl tables to facilitate the IPC ( interprocess communication).

The Client application (both local and/or remote) is the user interface to the system.  The local client communicates, via the database, to the server thread.

The local client can be controlled from a Master Client (such as TestStand™ or BenchVue™) or any other control system, which can communicate over the internet (Tcp/Ip) or utilizes Microsoft's (localhost) pipe communication constructs.

What makes ScpiStudio special?

ScpiStudio provides a new and innovative way for a test or automation engineer to create a sequencing, control, and data acquisition program without the need to capture a software engineering resource, as this product is aimed at both the Programmer and Non-Programmer alike.

The ease of use is accomplished by abstracting the test and process engineer sequence into a simple to use ASCII script , which resides in a database (SQLite) table.

The client application is used to allow the operator to select which test or control program to run (i.e. the database table). The server thread runs the program as stated above. The Client displays passed/failed indication as well as the data logged information.

Other features of ScpiStudio include the following:

1. Ability to call subroutines within a table to cut down on the size of the sequence. or make the sequence more readable.

2. Ability to call tables from within a table. This allows for utilizing existing intellectual property (existing code).

3. Ability to launch multiple servers on the same or different PC’s to multitask locally or across networks.

4. Control behavior of the overall process through the local database or via TCP/IP communications.

5. Data reduction and post processing across the network.

6. Software capabilities (like python):

The server can provide simple to complex sequencing as determined by the user of the system.  The processing commands are contained in a table in the database.

Among the features of these commands are:

1. Ability to sequence and run Python Scripts, and data log the generated data into the ScpiStudio database.

2. Write, Read, and Compare IEEE-488, Serial, USB, and TCP/IP measurements utilizing National Instruments VISA drivers via Measurement Studio C# library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

2. Branching (numerous types such as pass/fail, greater than, less than, and others)

3. Looping (ability to use up to five looping registers (a,b,x,y,z).)  The looping command (such as BRAALOOP, 2,3), decrements the ALOOP counter and if greater than zero branches to test two, or, if zero or less than zero, branches to test three.

4. Looping for a specific amount of time (msec, sec, min, hour, day).

5. Mathematic functions via accumulator registers.

6. Shmoo of an axis (such as a voltage, current, or timing/phase value of a signal)

7. Launch multiple servers which can communicate via TCP/IP or pipes.

8. Ability to control up to 32 peripherals on a given PC.

9. Ability to control numerous peripherals when used across multiple PC’s

What about pricing?

ScpiStudio will be priced to be extremely cost effective (much less than our major competitors pricing). Volume discounts will be available.  For curent pricing check or Product Listings page.

ScpiStudio will contain a student edition for a reduced fee depending on volume.

The above explains ScpiStudio’s ability and the engineering audience at your facility might like to see a demonstration of this product or purchase either a student or full edition (depending on their student status).  Let us know how we can help bring ScpiStudio to your facility and show the capabilities and value of this product.